Why us

As stated elsewhere, we believe the success of a project is not only about the choice of software tools, we feel that the relationship between the PCB designer and the client is crucial. We build relationships, whilst we may begin to build one because of the fact that we operate the same software as a client, we also build them because we are good at what we do. In our experience a good PCB designer can produce a good layout on any software package, indeed many of our clients have migrated through several CAD systems over the years, and we have continued to work with them – producing designs that meet and exceed their expectations on all the systems they have purchased.

We currently operate Altium Designer,  and historically  Zuken and Mentor software. Of course you will only be interested in our expertise on the package you operate, but that expertise on the software tools is backed by years of experience in providing Professional pcb layout services, meaning designs that work, can be built, tested and assembled without problems. These are hidden benefits to many clients, but when their manufacture, assembly and test houses can produce product without drama it is a tangible one… We can liase with your mechanical designers taking mechanical data such as dxf, and step models directly into the pcb layout – and indeed producing mechanical data from the layouts to feedback into the Mechanical CAD system ensuring no nasty surprises on assembly. We also offer a comprehensive printed circuit board design/ manufacture / assembly service, managing all or some of these for clients. In partnership with our array of subcontractors.

We ensure our clients requirements are matched to the correct supplier – whether on a technological level – for example ensuring the expertise required for the manufacture of a particular board is available. So whether you require a complete design solution, or just some additional resources – we offer professional, efficient and economic solutions tailored to your requirements.