What we do

Complete electronic design service
The engineering effort in producing the design for a new PCB has usually involved many engineers in specifying and planning the product. By the time it gets to layout it is generally the responsibility of a single engineer to ensure all the constraints and concepts are passed onto the layout and appear in the finished card.

Obviously the software tools aid the process of ensuring this flow of data and rules, but we feel that the interface between the engineer and the PCB designer is fundamental in ensuring concepts and ideas also crossover to ensure a successful outcome for the project.
That is what we do, with all the tools at our disposal ,we ensure this interface is seamless and efficient – we take your engineering concepts and turn them into PCB layouts – successfully. We have carried out thousands of designs involving all technologies, vias from micro through blind and buried, impedance control tracking, DDR memory interfaces, LVDS interfaces, RocketIO, MicroBGA’s through to multiple FPGA’s with ball counts in excess of 1500 each, RF design, Switch Mode power supplies….. the list is almost endless.

Our experience in high speed digital layouts has seen us work in many sectors, from professional broadcast video through to high speed processing for the defence and medical sectors,  to bring up cards and load boards for chip manufacturers – indeed most of the cards we have laid out involve multiple design areas often with RF, power supply and interface constraints as well as the ubiquitous matched impedance / matched lengths.
Suffice to say that we probably have layout experience in the technology you are utilising.

The nuances of DFM are not lost on us. Often companies say “we design for DFM” what does that mean in reality? We have actually designed many cards that have been mass-produced. Ranging from mobile phones to base stations and set top boxes, and this experience is utilised in ensuring the lower volume production cards are just as carefully screened to eliminate potential problems.

We are a small responsive company, we want to compliment your engineering resources not seek to replace them. You will have one of the principles overseeing your design at all times.

We have worked hard to build our reputation – and we work just as hard to keep it!

The Services we offer within our ISO9001 scope of ‘The design and supply of printed circuit boards’ are: Library creation and management, Schematic Layout, PCB Layout, Sub contract Manufacture, Sub contract Assembly and test.

The systems we support currently are: Altium Designer, Zuken Cadstar, Zuken CR5000, Mentor Expedition. So whether you require a complete electronic design service, or just some additional resources – onsite or remotely we are able to offer a proven, professional service.